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Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Our mission is to engage and empower the Church of the Living God's youth and young adults - typically ages 13 to 30  - with the Word of God in accordance with the commission of Christ.


We do this by placing an emphasis on the IMPACT of the living Word through our key scripture (1st Timothy 4:12) that encourages us to IMPACT the world with our words, our actions, our love and our life. 



  • Sunday School Bible Studies

  • Youth/Young Adult Specialized Activities

  • Parent Council



  • State of the Youth and Young Adult Union (SOTU)

  • The Lock-In

  • Motherland Sunday

  • Flux!

  • Retreat

  • Youth Sunday


Visit our Instagram @clg_yyam, Twitter @clg_yyam, or Facebook @impactCLGYYAM to stay in touch and more updates!





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