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School of Biblical Studies


Transform Your Life Through the Power of the Gospel of Jesus!

The School of Biblical Studies is a comprehensive course in God’s Word that will strengthen your life and transform the lives of those whom you touch.


Through in-depth, practical Biblical instruction and impactful Holy Spirit revelation, the School of Biblical Studies will give you:

  • Knowledge of who you are in Christ

  • Training on how to participate with God’s Spirit to bring change in your life

  • A new awareness of God’s purpose for your life

  • The ability and tools to effectively minister to others the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



  • Revelation Knowledge of Who God Is and How He Works.

  • Biblical Tools for a fulfilling relationship with God.

  • Healing in your body and how to minister to others. 

  • Faith: Receive God's answers

  • Liberty: Living free through Jesus




Equipping Believers to Become All That God has destined them to be




Elder June Mbulu




301-559-8893 ext. 22

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